Why Use Equipment Finance to Upgrade Your POS

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In an effort to assist hospitality venues with their point of sale requirements, Uniwell POS Australia has formed a partnership with experienced finance brokers iLease Equipment Funding. The result is ‘iLease4POS’, a simplified funding program designed to speed up the process for cafés, restaurants and other food outlets to get access to state-of-the-art, customised POS solutions.

We understand that setting up a retail outlet or hospitality venue, such as a café or restaurant, can be a daunting exercise. The fit-out, including furniture, counters and equipment, not to mention the stock you’ll need to operate, all add up to a considerable investment on the part of the business owner. With that in mind, it is understandable that your point of sale system is sometimes one of the last things to be thought about.

Why Choose iLease4POS?

  • Simplified application process
  • Fast approval so your POS can be delivered ASAP
  • Work with local POS specialists that provide a fully customised solution
  • Cash flow and tax benefits of equipment rental

Understand the Benefits of Equipment Finance

Renting your point of sale equipment offers tangible benefits. First and foremost, it aids cash flow – one of the key constraints on small to medium businesses. Your capital is not tied up in purchasing equipment, but can be used to improve your venue in other ways. There are also considerable tax advantages, with the monthly payment able to be written off as a business expense, similar to your rent, or phone and electricity bills. Additionally, at the end of the rental period, it is typically an inexpensive option to purchase the system outright, or even better, roll over to a newer, more up-to-date solution for the same or similar monthly outlay.

If you are looking to acquire a POS solution that can help you to improve your business efficiency and profitability, contact Uniwell Direct or your local Uniwell POS reseller about iLease4POS, and let us help you to access one of the best POS systems available without breaking the bank. You can also contact iLease Equipment Funding directly on 1300 795 058 to discuss your overall business finance requirements and see how they can combine packages to offer you a complete solution.


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The Importance of Doing the Simple Things Very Well

Setting up and operating a hospitality venue can be a complicated affair. There are so many decisions to be made, so much to think about – location and décor, equipment and staffing requirements, menu development and marketing efforts, to name just a few. Making well-informed choices relating to each of these components can have a major bearing on the success of your venue. So, how can you go about understanding all the factors involved without being overwhelmed?

It has often been said that success comes from doing the simple things well. How could this be applied to the decision-making process you need to go through for the many aspects of setting up and operating a small club or pub? The idea is to figure out your fundamental requirements related to the choice you are making, and then make sure that these basics are very well cared for by the option you choose. Understanding and prioritising the selection criteria for any decision can clarify the process and ensure that you don’t get ‘bogged down’ by focusing on non-essentials.

Let’s apply this to selecting a point of sale terminal. If you are researching a POS system for your hotel, bar or bistro, there are literally dozens of different options. Every system has its own advantages and disadvantages and, frankly, no one has the time to investigate them all. So how do you make an informed choice?

Uniwell POS for hospitality venues of all shapes and sizes pubs clubs bistros wine bars breweries Uniwell4POS

Let’s consider 5 ‘simple things’ that you need from your POS system – key criteria that can help you to clarify what you are looking for.

1. Reliable and easy to use

Your POS terminal needs to be a ‘workhorse’. Staff need to be able to enter customer orders into your system quickly and easily, ensuring speedy service. Accuracy is also important, so your point of sale terminal can’t be so complicated that it becomes an unnecessary burden on staff to enter the necessary details. The POS also needs to be robust – constantly in use by different staff with varying levels of experience, not just for a week or a month, but hopefully for years.

2. Improves in-house efficiency

Another key benefit of a point of sale system needs to be in-house communication. A busy venue will have multiple staff catering for the needs of any given customer – bar staff, chef and kitchen-hands, and multiple servers. To be efficient and meet your customers’ needs, all of these individuals must be clear on what they need to do. A properly configured POS system can provide you with the means of ensuring that staff receive clear information regarding customer orders and allow you to enhance your in-house processes.

3. Easily customisable

Your hospitality venue will be an ever-changing organism. Menu items and options will change, cost and selling prices will go up and down, and available products will come and go. As these things develop and you refine your business, you need your hospitality POS to be easily adapted to suit. So our next ‘simple thing’ is programming – make sure that you can easily adjust and manage your point of sale system without requiring extensive outside assistance.

4. Simplifies and enriches wait staff – customer interaction

When a customer’s order is taken, it’s vitally important that your staff know what options they can offer and what questions they need to ask to successfully complete the request. A modern point of sale terminal can be set up to prompt staff to suggest appropriate selections for items being ordered. The clarity of this communication increases guest confidence and, with the improved in-house communication mentioned earlier that assists your staff to respond to requests accurately, enhances the overall customer experience.

5. Delivers useful sales data for analysis

A final basic requirement of any hospitality POS system is the provision of useful sales reports. Rather than just receiving a tally of sales at the end of each day, modern systems can provide detailed analysis of sales across the day or week ‘by hour’, show you your best and worst performing products, and much more. These reports can be viewed over short, medium and long-term periods, providing an excellent source of analysis – demonstrating what you and your staff are doing well and where you can improve.

Of course, these may not be the only factors you need to consider regarding a new POS solution. For instance, you might have limited space, so size becomes an issue. Or you might want to enhance your management processes by introducing integrated stock control, so that needs to be factored in.

But rest assured that if a system that you are researching has a solid reputation for doing these 5 simple things very well, you are on your way to finding a good POS solution that will enrich your business and assist you in managing your venue more effectively.

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If you would like to know more about how a Uniwell POS system could be used to help boost your business, please contact Uniwell Direct or your local Uniwell POS Reseller

5 Uniwell4POS Features Designed to Boost Your Venue

Uniwell POS solutions for hospitality venues - pubs clubs bars bistros

The ongoing success of any hospitality business requires constant effort. One particular challenge is the exercise of analysing your operation to find where improvements can be made, developing fresh and interesting incentives to attract new customers (or increase existing customer involvement), and then communicating these promotions to your customer base and local community.

While many venue operators see their point of sale system simply as a means of recording sales and storing the cash, a modern POS system, such as those offered by Uniwell POS Australia, can be so much more! We are always striving to find ways that help hospitality businesses to get more out of their POS.

Here are five existing features of our integrated Uniwell4POS solutions that can assist you in the promotion and growth of your venue:

1. Meal Deal Promotions

The ability to combine multiple products and offer a ‘group discount’ for the combination has been a feature of advanced point of sale terminals for a long time. This feature is typically associated with the fast food industry (thus the name ‘Meal Deal’). However, it can be just as powerful a tool to incentivise an increase in customer spend at a small café.

One specific use of this kind of feature to actively promote your venue might be to create a ‘token’ product that can act as a trigger for a combination discount. An example of the might be a QR code that is posted on social media that, when scanned at the POS, acts as a compulsory component of the ‘meal deal’ promotion. We recently published an explanatory article on our website to explain how this can be set up, and the benefits it could bring to your business. (See: Café POS Solutions)

2. LCD Customer Display Integration

Your point of sale terminal is often at the centre of your counter, right in front of your customers – prime real estate! Understandably then, LCD displays connected to the POS terminal that show promotional material have recently become popular. Is there an opportunity for you to promote your business to those waiting at your counter? For instance, your customer display can be used as an ‘electronic noticeboard’, advertising in-house specials and announcing new products that you have available or upcoming events. You could also use it to encourage patrons to interact with your social media presence.

With the use of your imagination, there is no shortage of ideas of how you could use a customer display to benefit your venue. Finding eye-catching ways to promote your business and remind your customers of what you offer can enhance their experience and add to your bottom line.

3. Automated Price Level Time Programming

While you do want to boost your business, doing so at times that your venue is already at, or near, capacity is counterproductive. What you really want to try and achieve is an increase of custom at times when you are not busy, and staff are typically being underutilised. This is where ‘Happy Hour’ or ‘Half Price Tuesday’ type promotions can be useful. Having special pricing at specific times can inspire new customers to try you out, or even get existing customers to visit more frequently, boosting your business.

The ‘Price Level Time’ feature of our HX-series POS terminals allows you to automate the switch to and from special prices that you set up for these kinds of promotions. Your staff don’t need to think about what the special prices are, when they apply or how to change them. The changeover is pre-set, and the discounted pricing can be configured in advance.

4. ‘In-house’ Customer Loyalty

One of the great challenges regarding establishing a successful customer loyalty program is to make it simple enough for your customers to use, while also ensuring genuine repeat business. Who of us hasn’t signed up for a ‘store card’, only to have it cluttering up our wallet for months without being used? Or, worse still, having a collection of cards at home, sitting unused in a desk drawer?

Uniwell’s current range of POS terminals have a variety of in-house loyalty options that are easily set up, simple to maintain and don’t necessarily require your customer to carry a ‘coffee card’ or other membership card. In fact, the simplest implementation would be to use your customer’s mobile phone number as their unique code, award them 1 point for every coffee they buy, and then reward them with a voucher for a free drink after they purchase a set number of coffees.  It’s the basic coffee card concept, modernised.

5. Uniwell Lynx Sales Trend Analysis

Of course, the ability to seek out opportunities to boost your business, program the POS functionality to cater for your promotions, and then measure the success of your efforts, can’t be achieved without the right tools. Uniwell POS Australia has a local software development partner, Lynx Software, that has been developing back-office management software for Uniwell POS terminals for over 10 years.

The latest features of Uniwell Lynx allow you to manage many of the promotional features of your POS and provide the detailed sales trend reporting required to help hospitality operators to be proactive in the analysis and enhancement of their venues.

Uniwell HX-5500 embedded POS terminal for pubs clubs bistros

Don’t underestimate the role your POS system can play in helping you promote your hospitality venue

If you would like to know more about how a Uniwell POS system could be used to help boost your business, please contact Uniwell Direct or your local Uniwell POS Reseller

Understanding the Benefits of Embedded POS

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An old saying goes something like this – “You can’t compare apples to oranges.” The same is true with point of sale systems. There are so many different types and levels of POS equipment and applications, that making a fair comparison between several options can be quite difficult. One type of POS that is significantly different to many other systems is known as an ‘embedded POS’ terminal. And to truly appreciate the advantages of embedded POS, it’s important to have an understanding of what it is.

What does ‘Embedded’ Mean?

For the sake of simplicity, we are going to divide POS systems up into two broad categories – (1) POS applications installed on standard IT hardware, and (2) Embedded POS. The majority of point of sale solutions on the market today are POS applications. These are programs written by software developers and then installed on generic computer hardware, such as Windows computers and POS terminals, or tablets such as iPads and android equivalents. Therefore with POS applications, there are numerous other components that go into making your POS terminal work. For example, you have the operating system (Windows, iOS, android) that controls the hardware and allows the application to be loaded, as well as third-party database engines, and drivers that allow peripherals or other integrated components to function.

‘Embedded POS’ is different! The point of sale hardware is purpose built, with electronic components that are specifically designed and programmed to perform POS functions. Rather than having a separate operating system, third-party drivers and POS application, embedded terminals are an ‘all-in-one’ solution with the sole function of point of sale operation. In reality, the earliest form of embedded POS was the electronic cash register (ECR), which became popular 1980s and ‘90s. However, since the advent of touchscreen computers (and more recently tablets), the proliferation of hundreds of POS apps that have grown in functionality and scope has led to the demise of the humble cash register in its traditional form.

Uniwell’s HX Series is Embedded POS, Reinvented

The reduction in the use of ECRs doesn’t mean that embedded POS solutions no longer exist, or are too old-fashioned. There are tangible advantages to embedded POS terminals, and specialist manufacturers with decades of point of sale experience have worked hard to develop modern embedded systems with functionality equal to many of the more advanced POS applications available. One such developer is Uniwell Corporation. This Japanese manufacturer has been designing and producing POS equipment since 1979, but their latest ‘Hybrid ePOS’ technology has taken a giant step forward

So let’s consider 4 fundamental reasons why you should seriously consider choosing an embedded POS solution:

Security – with the recent increase in cyber security threats, along with the risk of staff misuse, there is a real need for enhanced security on POS terminals. The multiple software layers required for a PC/tablet POS system, including the operating system, database engine and peripheral drivers, as well as the POS application itself, introduce multiple points of vulnerability. Anti-virus and anti-malware software is needed to protect the terminal. Compare this to an embedded system, which has only one purpose and can’t intentionally or inadvertently access websites, emails or other external sources of potentially harmful material.

Reliability – the POS system is a critical component in any busy hospitality or food retail business. If point of sale terminals have unexpected problems and downtime, this has a negative impact on the speed and quality of customer service provided by the venue. The ‘all-in-one’ nature of the proprietary systems in embedded POS removes a number of risk areas in relation to system reliability.

Operational Speed – another important benefit of embedded POS systems is the speed that a well setup terminal can be operated at. This comes from two primary areas – (1) improved data and memory processing, which again stems from the fact that POS processes are not cluttered by the multiple software components that are required for a PC/tablet solution, and (2) specific POS functionality that automates or enhances the workflow of the sale process. Embedded POS developers like Uniwell Corporation have been refining POS features for decades, and have a clear understanding of what makes a point of sale terminal easy to use for an operator.

Purpose-built Hardware – hospitality and food retail venues can be tough on tech equipment, particularly products that are not intended for the environment. Embedded POS terminals are specifically designed to cope with the day-to-day requirements of these sites in ways that a standard tablet, laptop or PC is not.

So the next time you are researching a potential new point of sale solution, consider the benefits of an embedded POS system such as Uniwell’s HX-5500.

The fundamental advantages that these terminals offer can provide your business with increased efficiency and stability that will ultimately improve your bottom-line – making embedded POS more relevant than ever.

Uniwell HX-5500 embedded POS terminal for pubs clubs bistros

This article was originally written for the Uniwell4POS website.

6 Reasons to Consider a Uniwell POS Solution

Uniwell POS solutions for pubs clubs bistros #uniwell4pos #uniquelyuniwell

Robust, purpose-built embedded POS terminal

Uniwell’s embedded POS technology combines the strengths of a cash register with the advanced functionality found in many PC-based POS systems. The latest HX series POS terminals benefit from solid-state hardware, so there are no moving parts, no fans, no hard disk drive. This increases the reliability and stability of the equipment. Also, the terminal is purpose-built, so while many standard computers or tablets can’t handle the busy point of sale environment – Uniwell’s touchscreen POS terminals can.

Proprietary software specifically designed for POS

Being specifically designed for point of sale operations, Uniwell POS terminals are fast and user-friendly. The touchscreen layout is easy to set up and can be customised for local requirements, thus simplifying staff training. Each Uniwell HX series POS terminal contains features designed to suit the specific needs of many hospitality and food retail sectors, including scheduled price level changes, automated promotions, customer loyalty, restaurant condiment instructions and table tracking.

Greater security due to Uniwell Corporation’s exclusive operating system

Another benefit of the proprietary software found in Uniwell point of sale terminals is the security it affords. The POS can’t be used to browse the internet or access other apps, so it is less likely to be misused or stolen. Because it is not reliant on a 3rd party operating system, it is not susceptible to viruses or hacking. Also of note is the short start-up and shutdown times – just seconds for the custom-designed HX series POS, compared to the minutes it often takes for a Windows-based terminal to reboot.

Designed with the benefit of 40 years of POS development experience

Uniwell Corporation released their first cash register in 1979, so they understand what is required in a POS terminal. But they have also innovated, leading the development of new point of sale technology. Additionally, Uniwell Corporation is solely focused on POS – so their design resources are not stretched across large numbers of electronic products. Their products are sold globally, but they work with local distributors and solution providers to tailor their products to the specific needs of domestic markets.

High-speed network communication to the back-office

Serious POS systems require easy-to-use, informative back-office software to manage the terminals and provide the kind of detailed analysis that allows vendors to properly manage their business. Uniwell HX series terminals provide high-speed data transfer to the back-office, using a standard network infrastructure and communication protocols. So there is no need for specialised cabling or hardware. Uniwell HX series POS terminals can often be located on the same network as your existing IT equipment.

Uniwell Lynx back-office software completes your POS solution

Uniwell Lynx is an Australian designed and supported software package that integrates with Uniwell POS terminals. From product data management, touchscreen layout programming and comprehensive sales reporting, through to customer account tracking and inventory control, Uniwell Lynx can be customised to suit the requirements of your business. With a reputation for user-friendly operation and reliability, Uniwell Lynx is the POS management tool your business needs!


Uniwell4POS Point of Sale POS solutions for bars bistros pubs clubs

Combines advanced POS technology with versatile back-office software to create a point of sale solution designed to benefit your business!

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This article was written for the Uniwell4POS website & has been edited for this site by the author